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Minimal: 40 UAH /2km
In the city:. 4,50 UAH / km.
Out of town: 8 UAH / km.
Hourly Cost: 100 UAH / hour.
(Up to 15 km, a minimum of 2 hours)

Standby: 1 UAH / 1 min.
Free of charge waiting time after the filing of the car: 10 min.
Ordering on the exact time, free of charge time waiting: 5 minutes.
Stop en route to 5 minutes: 5 UAH.


Additional services:

Cancel of the order, after filing the car: 20 UAH.
Air conditioning: price + 15%
Transportation of animals: price + 25%
Luggage inside the vehicle cabin: price + 40%
5 persons in the car: + 50%
"Sober driver" service: price × 3
In bad weather, the holidays and during peak hours, prices may be increase.
Taxi outside the city, will be charged with an additional cost